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Women's Haircut



Women's Haircut with Single Process Color

Haircut and Base color/touch up Starting at $120.00. Basic Blowdry included


Women's Haircut with Single Process and Partial highlight Haircut

Women's Haircut with Single Process and Partial highlight Haircut, Base Color and Partial Highlights. Touching up highlights/lowlights and base in between foils. Starting at $195.00 includes basic blowdry


Women's Haircut with Single Process Color and Full Highlights Haircut

Haircut, Base Color/touch up with full head of highlights starting at $225.00 includes basic blowdry


Women's Haircut with Partial Highlights

Women's cut with Partial highlights. Starting at $130.00 includes basic blowdry


Women's Haircut with Full Highlights

Women's Haircut with a full head of highlights starting at $160.00. Includes basic blowdry


Women's Haircut with Mini Lights

Women's haircut with Mini lights... add a pop of color with mini lights. Between 3-5 foils @5.00/foil. accentuate fringe frame or crown area. Or underneath for a peekaboo effect. $65.00-$90.00


Shampoo Blowdry Basic

Receive an exceptional shampoo with conditioning scalp massage. Hair is then blow-dried with round boar bristle brush for added shine and smoothness with a little bend at the ends of hair.


Updo/Formal Style

Have a special occasion coming up? Let me help for that special occcasion. Prices starting at $70.00 depends on what needs to be done, length of hair etc. Best to schedule complimentary consultation


Men's Haircut


Men's Haircut with Color


Men's Color

Stubborn unwanted Gray, but don't want that "shoe polish" look? Blend Grays in 20 min. No harsh lines as hair color grows out. Natural look, touch up every 4-8 weeks. No one will know the difference! or if you just want to change your color!


Kids Cuts

Kids 12 and under


Double Process

Think Marilyn Monroe, Playboy bunnies.This process is used when the hair is lifted more than two shades of the NATURAL color. Hair is lightened or high lifted (color) then toned to create desired color/tone. Starts at $90.00. Basic Blowdry included


Partial Highlights

Enhance your hair color with some highlights/lowlights.Fringe, frame, "mohawk section" and crown are typically highlighted in this technique. Selected strands are sliced, weaved and placed in foil. Starting at $85.00 includes basic blowdry


Full Highlights

Highlights placed throughout the entire head. Pieces of hair are picked up and painted with highlights and placed in foils. Starting at $110.00. Basic Blowdry included.



In a pinch? Need a quick tune up? Brighten up fringe, frame or crown with mini lights.Between 3-8 foils @$5.00/foil placed strategically. A little bit goes a long way! $15-$40.00. Blowdry NOT included.



Semi Permanent Refresh Color/highlights in between touch ups. Comes in Color or clear for added shine and condition. Refresh/enhance natural color or highlights/single process blondes in one easy step, shampoos out of the hair 4-6 weeks. Great for blending grays! $55 and up. Basic Blowdry included.


Single Process Color

Color is applied to regrowth to help cover gray or enhance natural hair. Touch up recommended every 4-6 weeks. You will be charged according to the amount of regrowth and product used. Starts at $65. Basic Blowdry included.

Price Varies

Women's Single Process with Partial Highlights

Touch up Base color, between partial foil highlights. Starts at $145.00


Women's Single Process Color with Full Highlights

Full head of highlights wrapped in foil, retouch regrowth between. Comes with Basic Blowdry Starting at $175.00


Shampoo Style

Price Varies